Friday, August 19, 2011

4squick v0.9047 S60v5/S^3 SymbianOS 9.x Signed{Qt Based Foursquare Client}.

4squick v0.9047 Signed{Qt Based Foursquare Client}.

This is an early preview version of 4squick and the feature set is limited. Basically you are able to check-in to places, see who's there, lookup nearby places and see some stats. Browsing/adding friends, tips/todos etc are still missing.
.This update adds support for Symbian^1 devices, brings couple of new features together with few UI improvements.

-Venue photos support. 
-Tips support. 
-Read venue tips. 
-Add a new tip. 
-Share added tip to Twitter and Facebook. 
-Mark tips as todo / done. 
-Search history with top searches. 
-Multiple fixes and UI modifications. 
-A bit better Harmattan experience.


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