Sunday, August 14, 2011

Emraan's tacky statement vexs Vidya Balan


B-town’s hot serial kisser Emraan Hashmi may soon earn the tag of life form a prankster, on the sets of his flicks. The actor recently played a dirty prank on his co-star Vidya Balan, while shooting for Milan Luthria’s ‘Dirty Picture’.

According to a source, Vidya was busy with a photo shoot for the film at a studio, while his co-stars Tusshar Kapoor and Emraan were hanging around on the sets. The actress, who is essaying the role of the late south sexy siren Silk Smitha in the film, was dressed in a skimpy neckline top teamed up with a short skirt for the shoot.

Seeing Vidya dressed in a skimpy outfit, Emraan decided to play a prank on her. He held a glass of soft drink and while pretending to be drunk, he reached the place where Vidya was shooting for the photoshoot. Sources report that soon Emraan started ogling at her and even started making faces at her.

Vidya got really hassled after seeing Emraan with a glass in his hand and asked him not to distract her from work. To which, Emraan retorted by saying that he can’t control himself, as the actress was looking too hot in the dress.

The source adds that Vidya was completely baffled by Emraan’s attitude and she immediately rushed to the production managers to complain about him. The actress even asked them to wisk Emraan away from the sets, as she thought that he was completely drunk and was not in his senses.

Seeing Vidya fuming with anger, the crew couldn’t control themselves and everyone on the sets burst into laughter, including Emraan. Later, Vidya realised that she had become a victim of a lecherous prank, which was designed by Hashmi.

We wonder, who’s going to be the next victim of the pranks played by the actors on the sets.

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