Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nokia Ovi Store App Client v2.12.42 S60v5/S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed.

Nokia Ovi Store App Client v2.12.42 Signed.

Nokia launches a new application that will give life to the mobile clients drilling. Users can choose between different applications, videos, games, productivity tools, web, podcasts, location services and more. The Ovi allows developers to list their programs in an online catalog so that users can download or buy.

More than 50 Nokia devices compatible with the store Ovi and can be accessed by visiting browser or download the standalone version of the application on your phone. We tried our E71 and worked in the browser and through the application. The first game was successfully installed our phone accident, but let's keep this as the failure of the application instead of Ovi.

Payment applications are also available, but the shop began to slow to a crawl as we wanted to prove that. Perhaps a sign of teething problems. Nine countries, mainly in Europe but also in Australia and Singapore also have a store dedicated Ovi, which offers residents the opportunity to pay for programs through mobile operators outside the billing standard credit card.


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