Friday, August 12, 2011

PRO PAINT MOBILE v2.3 S60v3/S60v5 Java.


Graphic App Optimization and correction:
*. Opening minikopy JPEG format, color selection, editing, effects, color replacement, FM, menu
*. Added menu items "information" at the opening of the photo

 *. Processing of clamping, in effect,keys, if you choose the tools and spray
*. Added fast scrolling in File Manager button on the 3.9
*. Thank you Devey icon. 

*. Optimized file management to sort by name
*. Coverage is now saved as a JPEG at a
higher speed and consumption, less memory
*. Rewrote the RGB color choices, you can choose according to kn.5 HSV color palette has been
*. Change the effect of more flexible and optimized interface.
*. Remove unnecessary impact and added a new recycling old Sign up CHAPI available now only Sony Ericsson, Nokia lead to some
error because Published by the font format - People's Police (ProPaintFont).
*. There are on the font size and color change is normal there is no limit.
*. FNT fonts will not be used now!
*. You can apply effects to the current PPF -words.
*. Effects of a call to the text on the screen menu. Work to of.sayte handling the picture album.
*. Also like to thank all web_demon 'A
*. Rewrite the help.
*. People's Police

 - Fonts Screenshot:
*. Results Effect of new skin fonts.


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