Sunday, August 14, 2011

UCPlayer v3.0.2.18_(Build11080916) S60v5/S^3 (Eng) by pkb.

UCPlayer v3.0.2.18_(Build11080916) (Eng) by pkb.

New features:
1, the new UI, to bring more fresh feeling
2, a new video navigation center, through
professional channels and categories, to
provide comprehensive, direct, rich video
content recommendation
3, intelligent video version of choice, allowing you to choose your focus, you choose from
our video version of your player
4, more intuitive local video list, by the way
you capture the video preview
5, optimizing video search, video search
offers a more convenient way to search hot words recommended, making it easier to
find the hottest most recent fire video.

Version updates:
 Function optimization:
1, optimized for Symbian ^ 3 platform
compatible: to solve the problem full-screen
playback Huaping 
2, optimization of online video navigation
interface to switch the focus between the
positioning of: recording and playback before
and interface before switching the focusposition 
3, optimizing local video list is empty when
the interface experiences: not time to enter
the local time, repeat to remind users to
update the local list, the list is empty, add
update links, update the local list of user-friendly
4, increase the default full-screen playback
settings: Users can select the default by
setting the entry way of playing full-screenor normal playback 
5, increasing the local list of empty frames of
the second reminder
Fix the problem:
1, to delete a single fixed list of local video
after video, the focus of a focused list of the
first video of the question: delete a video
focus video automatically targeted to the next
2, Version 5 fixed access point to switch the
scroll bar can not pull the interface problem 
3, version 3 fixed access point interface does
not support loop problem.


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