Monday, October 3, 2011

Hot Style Icons of All Time

Remember that snapshot moment of Marilyn Monroe in a pleated white dress, or Elvis Presley’s quiff or Zeenat Aman’s winged eye look? Here are the top 10 iconic styles made famous by celebrities over the years. We’re sure down the line Lady Gaga will make it to this list too!

Amy Winehouse (A bee in her bonnet): Amy Winehouse died young, but her legacy will live on. The same can be said about her hair. Her towering black beehive ‘do’, combined with black eyeliner, stands as an iconic testimonial to the singer’s troubled life.


Sridevi (Sari-savitri): Let’s hope Sridevi’s sexy rain song doesn’t come to your mind. The focus here is the lady’s iconic sari trend. Who else could afford to wear monotone sari drapes and hope to create a fashion trend out of it?

Marilyn Monroe (Million dollar dress): The dress that suggestively soars above Marilyn Monroe’s legs, in a snapshot ingrained in our memories, makes it to the list without any effort. The blonde bombshell took the world by storm with her platinum locks, her beauty mark and of course her curvaceous figure in A Seven Year Itch. Recently the dress sold for $ 4.6 million at an auction! Cool, 

Zeenat Aman (Cleopatra’s eyes): Alluring the world with her winged eye look, Zeenat Aman iconi-fied the elongated eyeliner trend more than Cleopatra and her Egyptian bandwagon did!

Audrey Hepburn (Classic black): Ever wondered if Audrey Hepburn was actually wearing the colour black in her black ‘n’ white films? Yes, her iconic black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, graced with a string of pearls and the regal cigarette holder (just for show kids), made Coco Chanel look like a copycat rather than the other way around.

Elvis Presley (Rock ‘n’ roll sideburns): Countless Elvis fans have stuck a tuft of fake hair to their faces in pursuit of the perfect Elvis sideburns. They never got there… Also known for his iconic jumpsuits, the king of rock n roll was also pretty possessive of his ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ we hear.

Michael Jackson (Bejeweled glove): From military-style jackets to his iconic white-glove, Michael Jackson lives on in music and in style. Pegged pants, black shoes, and stark white socks, was only the beginning of his fashion daring. More iconic than his ‘moonwalk’ is the jeweled glove he wore in 1983, that sold at an auction for $350,000 in 2009.

Sharmila Tagore (All in knot-shell): From a sex symbol to a National award winner, nothing defines this most wanted actress of the yesteryear better than her knotty-blouses! Akele Akele Kahan Ja rahe ho (An Evening in Paris) not only had girls trying to emulate her styled bouffant but they went gaga over her butterfly knot blouses.

Parveen Babi (Retro glamour): Parveen’s look in the movie Ameer Aadmi Gareeb Aadmi was an instant rage. She bought in an interesting change to the contemporary headband and a revelation to those fed-up with their boring long tresses.

John Lennon (Round glasses): The cutest iconic celebrity style has to be John Lennon's innocent, round, wire-framed glasses. Looking at us peacefully through those clear round specs, he wooed us with his equally iconic song 'Imagine'. Although there are a lot of eyewear styles out there right now, pass a thought for those simple yet spectacular spectacles!

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