Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nokia Social v1.3.237 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed {Based On Facebook/Twitter}.

Nokia Social v1.3.237 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed {Based On Facebook/Twitter}.

See live updates from your favorite social networks pushed to your home screen. With social-enabled Contacts, now you can see what your friends are up to before you make a phone call. Import Facebook events right into your phone's calendar. Seamlessly send photos and videos from within your phone's camera simply shoot and share! Update your status with location and points-of-interest, making it easier than ever to share news, make plans and stay connected.
Currently supported Facebook features: 
1-Post status update 
2-Post status update with location (i.e., the closest address or point of interest, for example, a restaurant, hotel, etc.) 
3-View Inbox/Sent folder 
4-View message 
5-Reply to message 
6-Compose new message 
7-Delete message 
8-Mark read/unread message 
9-View feed lists and feed items 
10-View comments associated to a feed item 
11-Add comments to a feed item 
12-Add like a feed item 
13-Unlike a feed item (i.e., remove a Like from a feed item) 
14-Alert counts display (# of unread message, # Friend requests, # Event Invitation) 
15-View Friends request list 
16-View Event Invitation list 
17-Accept/deny friend request 
18-Accept/deny/maybe an event invitation 
19-View own/friend's wall 
20-View own/friend's profile information 
21-Post on friend's wall (text only) 
22-Call/send SMS to a friend 
23-View upcoming event list 
24-View upcoming birthday list 
25-Import birthday and event into device calendar 
26-Upload single photo 
27-Upload single photo with tags 
28-Upload multiple photos 
29-Upload photo/photos to specific album 
30-View photo albums 
31-View photos within an album 
32-View tags on photos 
33-Upload video 
34-Friend Search 
35-View Friend List 
36-View status updates directly in Contact Card NEW 
37-Linked contact indicator in Friends list for quick access NEW 
38-Add caption when sharing pictures from camera NEW 
39-High res photo uploads NEW
Currently supported Twitter features: 
1-Post tweet 
2-View friend's and own tweet list 
3-Reply to a tweet 
4-Favorite/un-favorite a tweet 
5-Delete own feed 
6-@mention (own user) 
7-View friend's profile, view own profile 
8-Direct message (Access to Inbox) 
9-Send a direct message 
10-Reply to direct message 
11-Delete a direct message 
12-View favorite list 
13-Retweet NEW 
14-View followers list NEW.

Currently supported Renren features: 
1-Post status 
2-View friend's activity updates (includes number of comments and likes) 
3-View user s own activity updates 
4-View comments on status update 
5-Comment on status update and photo upload feeds 
6-Upload photo 
7-View friends profile, view own profile 
8-Friend Search.

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