Sunday, October 2, 2011

Top 10 Worst Dressed Bollywood Actors

For all the money they have, these celebrities just can’t seem to afford some TASTE. From Yash Birla and his eclectic puke-wear to Ranveer Singh’s fascination with the shoddy and shiny; we take you through the disaster diaries of celebrity men and their unfashionable wardrobes.

Ranveer Singh: Most often Ranveer Singh looks like he just got off a local train. The rare moments he doesn’t look all crumpled and road-side slick, the actor just adores his mercurial jackets. Well, we don’t!

Salman Khan: Bollywood actors seem to think they can fit in a killer six-pack and bulging biceps, all into one short-sized frame! What’s more, they wear the most figure-hugging clothes and heavy boots to top it all off. In the same context, we can say, Salman Khan usually falls fashion victim to his own bulging body.

Ajay Devgn: As incorrect as his wife who doesn’t attend to her unibrow, is Ajay Devgn’s uninspired style. Most times we wish his hair wouldn’t look so limp and his clothes so unworthy of any praise

Govinda: This man, sorry to say, just hasn’t a clue. The bali in his ears is just irksome to say the least and his clothes bring out his baby-fat chubbiness.

Johnny Lever: As much as it pains us to pass insults at this comic genius, the man is a walking-talking fashion question mark. Badly tailored suits and shabby casuals clutter an onlooker’s eyes when Johnny Lever walks by.

Yash Birla: Yes, we know he's not an actor, but we just had to include him! Yash Birla looks like a massive boulder that rolled down a poop-covered hill, to give you the most fashion-degenerate man on the planet. Some people and their dressing actually make you look adoringly at Bappi Lahiri and his chunky gold jewellery.

Sunil Shetty: Taking huge tips from Salman Khan’s style book is beefy actor Sunil Shetty. The man goes for the rugged look, but achieves only a confused concoction of heavy denims, v-necks, cloth belts and a stubble that spells doom.

Himesh Reshammiya: Firstly, we put a big cross against wearing caps 24/7. Secondly, the guy has an affinity for showing cleavage and we don’t like it one bit. Thirdly, his ‘I am a martyr for love’ face has got to go!

Prateik Babbar: The man wears kajal. We rest our case…

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