Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hack Nokia with Dr.Web Methods For S60v3/S60v5/Symbian^ 3 Anna by CODErUS (Without CER & Key).

Hack Nokia with Dr.Web Methods For S60v3/S60v5/Symbian^ 3 Anna by CODErUS (Without CER & Key).

Dr. hack method using the application. This Web does not require cer & key in the process hacking.

Thanks 4 The Legend CODErUS .

How to use Dr. Hack. web:
1. Extract / unzip the Private folder in the file to your memory card Quarantine.zip to cell phones. We must use the computer / PC (with Card Reader) or it could be with other phones that have been Hacked ( move MMC you to the phone that has terhack to Private folder and then extract using the x-plore).
1.Extract the Private folder to E: / .
2. Replace the MMC into your phone and turn on the phone.
3. Install X-plore application, Dr. Web 6:00, and Rom Patcher 3.1 Lite to the MMC (Important!! Have to go to memory card)
4. Open the application Dr. Web, then click the "Cancle" if it looks notification request licenses 
(see picture)
5. Still in the application of Dr.. Web, select Options> Quarantine> Options> Select All> Options> Restore. 
(see picture)
6. Open X-plore and extract the Patches folder that is in Patches & Installserver.zip file to drive E: / 
7. Open ROMPatcher + 3.1 application, then apply and add to the auto patch and installserver open4all.
8. See if all patches marked with a green checklist. If the patch installserver red crossed-installserver.exe then extract the file (according to the type of phone) that exist in installserver folder to C: / sys / bin /
9. If all patches have been green or we have to extract installserver.exe, now we download ROMPatcher Unsigned + 3.1
then installed in the MMC.

Now your phone has been too "hack", now you can install all unsigned applications and can edit the folder system.

Download all these files:
1. X-plore Signed 1:53
2. Dr. Signed Web 6:00
3. Rom Patcher + 3.1 Lite.
4. Quarantine.
5. Patches & Installserver.

Download ROMPatcher Unsigned + 3.1

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