Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KillerMobile AmigoTones v1.0 S60V3/S60V5/S^3 SymbianOS9X Incl-Keygen-zAWS!

KillerMobile AmigoTones v1.0 S60V3/S60V5/S^3 SymbianOS9X Incl-Keygen-zAWS!

Personalized Ring Tones are definitely old news. Personalized SMS Tones? Sure, seen those as well. Personalized Social Networking Tones? Now that's new!
Application Details:
WHO - Everyone & Nearly Everything is Covered! 
-Manual Number Entries 
-Private/Withheld/Unknown Number 
-Call & Messaging Logs 
-All Contacts 
-All Non Contacts 
-All Callers 
-Plus set an optional Keyword Trigger! 

WHAT - Free yourself from simple ring tones! AmigoTones allows you the most options available.
-System/Default Ring Tones 
-Music Files 
-Silent Tone (mute tone) 
-Record your own audio file directly from the app 
-Custom Vibrate Tones 
-Vibrate, ring, ring and vibrate, vibrate then ring, ring then vibrate 
WHERE - Different Notifications for Different Locations
-As easy as pointing on a map 
Then set the radius 
Viola - you're done!
-Plus since you can set a truly unlimited number of AmigoTones, you can set multiple AmigoTones for the same contact/number based on different locations! 
WHEN - That Perfect Tone, only WHEN you want it!
-Choose a From - To Time period 
-Pick the Days 
-Finally, Full Control over your tones! 
HOW - The icing on the Tone Cake
-One volume doesn't fit all - you choose 
-Don't want a five minute ring tone, but love that song? Set how long you want the tone to play 
-Ascending volume? Yep, AmigoTones™ has it 
-Really, Really hate missing those important calls when your mobile is on Silent Profile? Let your VIP's break through with our Silent Profile Override setting 
1-.NET framework V2.0 Or Above requires to run keygen
2- Create the folder on your Device that mention in keygen before input register Code!

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