Friday, September 2, 2011

Cellphonesoft TimeChimePro v1.50 S60v3/S60v5 SymbianOS 9.x Unsigned Retailed by DSPDA™.

Cellphonesoft TimeChimePro v1.50 Unsigned Retailed by DSPDA™.

Time Chime is a clock application that plays audible signals at specified times. The program provides hourly and regular chimes. You can select from pre-defined sounds (like beep effects and bird songs), or choose from your own sound files. You can even instruct the program to say the current time via speech synthesizer. 

The application also offers many further customization possibilities, like vibration, sound volume, and playing times.
Major features:
-Plays audible signals every hour.
-Additional signals played at regular time intervals.
-Selectable default or custom sounds.
-Optional speaking signal that says the current time.
-Adjustable sound volume, and optional vibration.
-Customizable signaling times.
The behaviour of Time Chime can be configured using the main view controls, listed below: 
Hourly chime: Select the signal type which will be played every hour.
Regular chime: Select the signal type which will be played at regular time intervals.
Regular interval: Select the time interval for regular signaling.
Sound volume: Set the volume for sounds.
Vibration: Set the option to vibrate the phone at signal times.
Say time of the day: Set the option to add the time of the day to signaling via speech. (This setting is available only if the phone's language is English.)
Signals active from: Set the earliest time when signals are played.
Signals active until: Set the latest time when signals are played.
Run as system application: Turn the option on to prevent exiting Time Chime by the operating system.
NEW in Time Chime 1.50:
-New option to signal at specified regular time intervals.
-New option to prevent exiting by the operating system.
-Improved speech engine to tell the time correctly.
-Various bug-fixes and other enhancements.

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