Friday, September 9, 2011

KillerMobile Total Recall v4.3 S60v3/S60v5/S^3 Anna Belle SymbianOS9.x UnSigned Cr@cKeD By cGiPDA&FoXPDA.

KillerMobile Total Recall v4.3 UnSigned Cr@cKeD By cGiPDA&FoXPDA.

Total Recall is the easiest, most user friendly Call Recorder / Mobile Dictaphone for Symbian S60 devices.
Total Recall by Killer Mobile, feature packed Call Recorder utility for Symbian S60 devices. Total Recall integrates the most cutting edge beep suppression available to deliver high quality recorded, beep free audio on most devices, and offers a rich feature set in one extremely easy to use application.Total Recall allows you to easily record all or just some of your calls.
Here are some key features of "Total Recall (S60)":
· No Beep Recording.
· Record up to the Limits of your Memory in AMR or WAV formats.
· AutoSend Clips via MMS, HTTP & Email.
· Manually or AutoSend Clips via MMS, HTTP* & Email.
· Intuitively Named Clips, rename, add notes and more!
· Extremely flexible recording scenarios.
· Use as a full featured dictaphone app when not on calls, start recording using a convenient hot key.
· Password Protection, Autostart and many more features! 
· FREE Updates for the Life of your device! 
· Symbian S603rd/5th Edition/^3/Anna/Belle.
What's New in This Release: 
· Advance Beep Free Call Recorder is compatible with:
Nokia N8, C7, E5, E6, E7, X7 and also now be 100% beep free!
. Some Minor Bugs Fixed!

The beep suppression technique on your Device uses a Profile switch. Before recording begins you will see the profile switch to Silent, then back to the normal profile at the end of the call. You can disable this by enabling the Beep in the settings.

By default the "Advanced" Beep Suppression technique will used to supress the beep heard while recording.

NOTE: on the E52, E55, N97, 6710 and 5530 the beep may still be heard on the device side every 15-20 seconds, but should not be heard on the caller end.

You can optionally disable the "Advanced" Beep Suppression (by choosing only "Enabled" in the "Beep Suppression" Setting, which will result in lower quality audio, and may require you to adjust the beep fine tuner setting.

You can also turn the beep on (by setting "Beep Suppression" to "Disabled", for full audio quality, but you will hear a beep tone every 15 seconds.

KillerMobile Total Recall v4.3 S60v3/v5/S^3 Anna Belle SymbianOS9.x UnSigned Cr@cKeD By cGiPDA:

Killermobile TotalRecall v4.30 S60v3/v5/S^3 Anna Belle SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cracked-FoXPDA:

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