Sunday, September 18, 2011

LastViewer 0.58.Beta S60v5/S^3 Anna Belle SymbianOS9.x Signed.

LastViewer 0.58.Beta S60v5/S^3 Anna Belle SymbianOS9.x Signed.

With This Program you can see the Image and Zooming in with Multi touch ( with two fingers ) and rotate it.

And the judge was not worth the wait!
Changes in this version:
1-Completely changed the look, the more beautiful and functional
2-Very low power consumption and CPU is not involved
3-Very high speed software
4-Ability to rotate image
5-Ability to rotate the image, even with 2 fingers (Multi touch )
6-No matter where you put your two fingers, just slightly away and put them together Dont crashed.Do you see the stunning result!
(This version should be in the right index finger of your left index finger)
7-Consecutive double-click to zoom in, click on the image and makes the same point.(Just like zooming with two fingers)
8-Open the shutter button does work.
9-And .....
This Program Was Written By Sina Khalili Iranian Programmer.

This Program Worked on S60V5 Devices and QT based.
Wating for this program next version
and this program video guidance in zip file was attached.

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