Sunday, September 11, 2011

MDVR Systems SymDVR v1.15 S60v3/S60v5/S^3 SymbianOS9.x Signed {Video Recorder for Symbian}.

MDVR Systems SymDVR v1.15 Signed{Video Recorder for Symbian}.

Main features:
● Supports continuous video recording
● Delete old records automatically
● Supports zoom in/out during recording
● Can record video in background
● Can record HD video
● Has Favourites functionality
● Has GPS support
● Has subtitles support
● Has GPS tracking support
You can choose or adjust following options:
● Camera (main or secondary)
● Video resolution
● Frame rate
● Audio codec
● Audio and video bitrate
● Size of one video file
● Storage limit
● Disk drive
● Startup mode
● Sound recording on\off
● GPS on\off
Known bugs:
● Inner video player shows black screen during playing video (Symbian 9.4+ only)
Next steps of development:
● Bug fixing
● Develop inner video-player with subtitles support.
What's New:
-fixed found bugs 
-added clip sizes: 1,2,5 MB 
-added audio bitrate 48 kbps 
-added video bitrates: 3000 kbps and 8000 kbps 
-speed up drawing of the image from viewfinder 
-increased speed of GPS data update - once per second 
-added menu item "About"

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