Monday, September 5, 2011

PhoNetInfo v3.30 S60v3/S60v5 Symbian9.x UnSigned Retail Dspda.

 PhoNetInfo v3.30 UnSigned Retail Dspda.

PhoNetInfo is free software. It retrieves detailed phone and network information.
PhoNetInfo retrieves information about the phone's firmware; IMSI; IMEI; SIM card and battery status; WLAN IP, MAC, MTU and speed, bluetooth MAC and device class; network mode, name, signal strength, (cell) ID and country code; CPU speed, type and architecture; RAM and ROM; running tasks; MMC SD Card; etc.
Fixes, changes and additions:
HAL tab:
--> Added the following new phone models to the CPU ABI type, CPU speed and CPU
architecture programming routines to correctly distinguish between ARM11,
ARM9 and ARM4 CPUs:
====> Nokia C5-00 5MP (RM-744) (0x2003555E)
====> Nokia C5-00 5MP (RM-745) (0x2003555F)
====> Nokia T7-00 (RM-679) (0x20029A74)
====> Nokia 702T (RM-730) (0x2002C12E)
====> Nokia 500 (RM-750) (0x20035566)

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