Friday, September 2, 2011

SPB Software SPB Shell 3D v1.01.2382 S^3 Anna Belle SymbianOS9.5 UnSigned Cr@cKeD By cGiPDA.

SPB Software SPB Shell 3D v1.01.2382 UnSigned Cr@cKeD By cGiPDA.

SPB Shell 3D introduces the next generation user interface for Symbian.
 Enjoy your phone!

SPB Shell 3D introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all the advantages of your device. The full
3D Shell brings multiple personalized Home screens with perfect 3D usability balance to phone’s UI. 
Enjoy your phone with SPB Shell 3D!
Software Features:
3D Usability
The new Shell adds a third dimension to your phone interface. The intuitive UI designed not only to achieve the
WOW effect but also to improve interaction usability in every way. One of the most important 3D models is the 3D
Carousel which quickly brings you to any of the most important screens. The live carousel instantly shows you the
current state and 3D models of each screen.
3D Widgets
SPB Shell 3D offers widgets that have additional features such as 3D mode, on-fly-skin change, and magic
animations in the carousel mode. SPB Widgets can be in 2D or 3D modes. When scrolling through Home screens
widgets are flat and when the widget is activated, the Home screen scene creates a 3D space for the widget. In this
space the 3D widget looks very natural and offers more functionality and entertainment.
Apps List
The Apps List adds a fast and convenient way to manage your device content. The apps that already exist on the
Home screen displays a Home icon and by tapping it you can find its location on the Home screen.
Smart Folders
SPB Shell 3D provide with means of organizing your apps, tools, or items in folders right on the Home screens. This
approach allows you to keep the most frequently used items accessible and structure your content at the same
Support list:
Nokia X7
Nokia E7-00
Nokia C7-00
Nokia C6-01
Nokia N8
Nokia E6 NOT supported
Only official ROMs supported.

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