Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Steel Riders v1.01 S60v3 JAVA [by Gecko-Lab].

Steel Riders v1.01 JAVA [by Gecko-Lab].

Welcome to the most deadly racing ever! Choose your car, select one of six game modes and win the race! Use rockets, mines and more to eliminate your opponents!
• Dragonfly - best speed, poor armor and steering
• Intruder - average speed, armor and steering
• Defender - poor speed, best armor and steering
Game modes:
• Single race - Race against 4 opponents on 1 track.
• Practice - Improve your driving skills. There are no opponents in this mode.
• The duel - Race against one opponent on selected track.
• Tournament - Race against 4 opponents on all tracks and be the first in overall summary.
• Knockout - Race against 3 opponents on 3 tracks. The last one quits the race.
• Demolition - Kill all 9 opponents on selected track! In this mode you gain 5 times more rockets, than in any other one.
In each mode you are able to choose difficulty level. Beside knockout and tournament you can also choose on which track you would like to race. And now... prepare to race!

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